Monday, February 25, 2013

illuma Room (Xbox720)

A lot of you may not know that the next gen xbox will have a new, game changing, feature. The "illuma room"or "illumiroom". In this blog i will discus all rumors of the xbox 720 "illuma room" up to date. Microsoft has released a trailer of this feature, as seen here.

What does it do?

It projects parts of the game you can't see in you're screen, out side of it, in the wall. It makes the gaming experiences by introducing new technology and giving you a bigger screen. 

How does it work? 

It works with a couple of projectors that will be synced with the "Kinect" or the next gen kinect in that case. The "illuma Room" or "illumiroom" projectors will display part of you game on the walls to further bring the player/viewer into the game. Many details of this feature is still not known but this blog will keep up-dating so you might wanna save the link. 

When will it be ready? 

Unfortunately it is rumored that this feature will not be ready in 2013, it might be ready by late 2014. Microsoft is still improving and trying to perfect this new product, it's in everyone's interest that Microsoft doesn't rush the "illuma Room" or "illumi Room" because if there is a flaw there going to be chaos because Microsoft will have to do a re-call and people are not going to receive there product and way more. 

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